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We know that Real Estate Business is as busy as it can get. The real estate industry is undergoing a major transformation. Real estate firms and departments are contending with a slow growing and risky global economy, as well as the pressure to increase revenue while controlling costs. The key question is how resources can best be deployed to address these challenges cost effectively while supporting the dynamic needs of the organization. Does your Property Managers, Sales Agents and Marketing Staff needs to sit down and do their admin work instead of nurturing and looking for clients?

It is no surprise that outsourcing has gained momentum in the Real Estate business over the last few years. Real Estate firms are turning to service providers mainly to lower costs, standardize process, increase efficiency and productivity, and customer centric approach.

We at Unistop got that covered for you. We understand that the trend in the business have changed and client relationship is paramount. All your administrative tasks we can take that away from you, so you can focus on building your business up and setting the bar high.

Our Services Include:
  • 1

    Leasing Administration

  • 2

    Smoke Alarm Administration

  • 3

    New Business Administration

  • 4

    Listings Administration

  • 5

    Routine Inspection Administration

  • 6

    Repairs and Maintenance Administration

  • 7

    Trust Accounts

  • 8

    General and Business Accounts

  • 9

    Building Management

  • 10

    ...and so much more!

See what we can do for you today!


Customer Service

Sales Support

Appointment Setting

Debt Collection


Technical Phone Support

Lead Generation


Back Office Support

Accounting and Finance

Creative and Marketing

IT Infrastructure and Development

Administration and Business Support

Healthcare Services

HR & Recruitment


Data Entry & Research

Data Verification & Collection

Calendar Management

CRM Data Management


Reminder Services

Order Processing

Here to Help Your Every Business Need

We take care of your daily front-end and back-end administration, so you can focus on your business. See what we can do for you today!

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