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We understand that the trend in the Real Estate Industry have changed and innovation is inevitable to fast track processes and strengthen your foundation in client relation, retention and expanding your business as a whole. We got it covered just for you!

Your Real Estate Partner

Unistop provides you with highly capable, trained and skilled support staff who can help you increase efficiency and productivity while saving operational costs. By partnering with us and outsourcing your back office tasks that consumes much of your staff's time, you empower them to do tasks which are more important, like nurturing your customers and growing your business altogether.

  • 1

    Reduced costs and get more done.

  • 2

    Improved operational efficiency and maximise productivity.

  • 3

    Helps your business to stay up-to-date and competitive

  • 4

    Enhanced customer service quality and coverage.

  • 5

    Grow your business and be at the top of the industry.

Expertise We Offer

Leasing Administration

Creates Tenancy Agreement, Sending the agreement to the Property Manager for review, Entering New Tenant into the CRM, Answers general inquiries for the marketed property, Set up Open For Inspection schedules, Send Open for Inspections properties to the potential tenants and makes outbound call to potential tenants, and so much more.

Smoke Alarm Administration

Submits a copy of Lease to the Owner and Tenant, Update rent details in the CRM such the amount and lease details, Process Smoke Alarm documents, Chase Smoke Alarm Certificates and attached them once compliance certificate has been acquired, Review all details and documents.

New Business Administration

Creates Managing Agency Agreement (MAA), Sends the MAA to the Leasing and New Business Agent, Does Quality Check of all the completed MAAs submitted for entry in the CRM, Enters New Business/Property to the CRM to be managed, Monthly report of newly acquired property managements, Answers general inquiry for the marketed property.

Listings Administration

Create listings to be published to different websites for marketing, Adds photo and other property descriptions, Adds date and time for the Open for Inspections, Conducts quality assurance before submitting the listing, Modifies details as requested by the Marketing Team, Update portal once property has been listed or sold, Takes down listing from portal.

Routine Inspection Administration

Scheduling of Routine Inspection for each of the Propery Managers, Reports all unnecessary inspection scheduled such as the one over the weekend or local holiday and make the necessary corrections, Sends Routine Inspection Reminder to Tenant via email, Sends Routine Inspection Invite via email to Owner, Answer general inquiry for both Tenants and Owners, Updates CRM, Sends Routine Inspection reminder to Tenant and Owner a day before the scheduled inspection, Compile and sort our Routine Inspection documents to be sent to the Property Manager and Owner, Sends Inspection document to Owner and Property Manager, Safe keeping of documents in the system.

Repairs and Maintenance Administration

Creates Maintenance Requests, Liaises with Tenant to clarify information as needed, Submits requests to Tradesman/Providers to do the maintenance or repair, Prepares entry notice, keys and other documents for the repair, Issues Work Orders and Quotes once sent by Tradesman, Sends follow up if not acquired from the Tradesman, Informs Property Manager of any progress and/or submits the document for their review and if it passes the owner's allowable maintenance costs, Inform the Owner and the Property Manager once the work has been completed with the attached documents necessary, Liaises with the Trust Accounting Team for payment of the service rendered by the Tradesman.

Trust Accounts

Payment processing for all the service rendered by the Tradesman, Payment processing of Strata, Water, Council and Insurance provider, Manages Ledger for both Tenant and Owner and the company on the Accounts Payable side, Prepares Monthly report for the Account Officer, Prepares invoices for Marketing to be charged to the owner during the advertisement of their property to be rented, Documents all accounting into Workflow.

General Accounts

Payment processing for the office supplies, services needed into each of the office such as repair, IT costs, Ink and paper supplies, and any other office requirements, Prepare Payroll for all of the employees in the company and their deductibles, Prepares and process invoices for the Marketing which will be billed to the Sales Agents or the Owners on the Sales side of the business, Creates Monthly Report for the General Accounts.

Business Accounts

Prepares invoices for the Building Managements and work with the Building Manager, Answers general inquiries of the Building Managers, Payment processing, Summarizes all the financial status of each department in the company.

Building Management

Scheduling regular building maintenance and janitorial services as required by the Building Manager, Contracting professionals for repairs as needed, Ensuring that occupants are provided with proper utilities, Overseeing contractors and inspecting completed jobs, Maintaining records of tenants. Liase with the Building Manager for all tasks, work orders, inspections and other core responsibilities.

Why Realtors Choose Us

Always Innovative

Our systems and processes are all 100% home-grown. We always innovate and make sure we are on top of everything when it comes to IT infrastructure.

Business Continuity Program

Here are Unistop we make sure that our projects are not delayed and Service Level Agreement is being met on a timely manner.

State of the Art

We have a proven process to help you move your business forward.

Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

Getting Things Done

It is no surprise that outsourcing has gained momentum in the Real Estate business over the last few years. Real Estate firms are turning to service providers mainly to lower costs, standardize process, increase efficiency and productivity, and customer centric approach.

Unistop have the right Real Estate Outsourcing solution for you. We can help you and your company become an expert advice provider rather than just selling or having your customers' property rented. We are happy to bring your business to the next level!

Here to Help Your Every Business Need

We take care of your daily front-end and back-end administration, so you can focus on your business. See what we can do for you today!

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